Wednesday, March 16, 2011


ARMATURE -  Underlying support and structure of a sculpture.

These pieces by Emma Hawkinsare great examples of Armatures 

TEXTURE-  The visual and especially tactile quality of a surface. 

All of these works made by American sculptor Jen Maestre are outstanding examples of textured sculptures

STRUCTURE- Mode of building, construction, or organization; arrangementof parts, elements, or constituents
  Zeger Reyers, Sculpture made of dining-plates and saucers

Andy Vogt,  Crescita

ALTER EGO-  A representation of oneself in a no so usual form

William Shepherd, Artist Self-Portrait

Bob Carpenter, Bobkidu series 

No name artist, Hole in the head

Wendy Mayer, Self-Portrait as a Matroyshica II

Nouveau, alter-ego

ABSTRACT-  Not representing things in a realistic way, but expressing the artist's ideas
Steven Jensen, Compass

Pablo Picasso, Glass of Absinthe

Pablo Picasso, Head

Pablo Picasso, Bull

Pablo Picasso, Guitar

NON-REPRESENTATIONAL- Art that does not represent any specific form

George Ricky, Four lines in a T

Robert Morris, untitled 

Nenad Stankovic, Line

Richard Fleischman, Mildred andrews Putnam sculpture

Dan Zaretzky, Bull

ANTHROPOMORPHIC ABSTRACTION - Abstraction as if they had human qualities

Pablo Picasso, Head of a Woman

Pablo Picasso, Head of a Warrior

Magdalena Abakanowicz, Iron Heads

Keith Haring, the boxers

GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTION - Abstraction of the lines, shapes, etc.

Mark Di Suvero, Schubert's Sonata

Lynn Chadwick, Beast Alerted

Pablo Picasso, The chicago picasso

George W.Hart, Geometric sculpture

Anthony Howe, Rooster Rings

MASK - A piece of art that covers your face
Do yeol Lee, mask

Terry Starr, Eagle&Killer Whale Union

Terry Starr, Eagle Warrior

Terry Starr, Shark Woman with Mosquito mask

no artist name, Mask
EMPHASIS - Special importance that is given to something

Chris Gilmour 
PIANO (installation view)

Ron Mueck
'Mask II' (2001-2)

Big Pleasure Point

Anish Kapoor
Cloud Gate

Gu bon Ju
Sculture_Containing the world

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